QA / Audits

Argint has a comprehensive Quality Management System in place to ensure studies are conducted to the highest possible standards.  The system comprises of Argint's SOPs and QA activities. 

Argint's SOPs
  • compliant with EU directive and ICHGCP ensuring quality standards are met
  • detail mandatory quality metrics to be tracked in every project
  • mandate annual project reviews & customer satisfaction surveys, which ensures continuing improvement in service quality
  • detail mandatory training for Argint employees
  • clinical SOPs are structured to match the workflow of a clinical trial
  • reviewed every 2 years to ensure compliance with ICHGCP/EU Directive and National legislation
Quality Assurance

Argint’s QA department consists of a QA Manager and an auditor, both of whom have been trained by BARQA in the UK.  Argint's QA department conducts:

  • System / Process and vendor audits
  • Study audits (based on risk assessment)
  • Audits for clients under a Services Agreement



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