Data Management

Argint have a number of partner vendors that Argint call on when needed when we need to provide DM/EDC/Biostatistics and medical writing services to clients. We select the partner most suited to the task or proposed project and they become part of the team managed by Argint, for and on behalf of our clients.  


Our partners are expert in providing biostatistical advice to clients.  Services include provision of statistical consulting services, assistance with study design (including adaptive trial design) through to full support and analysis of clinical trial data.


While we still occasionally recommend the use paper CRFs for some small phase I or POC studies or where cost is significant issue for a client, in general we recommend the use of EDC for studies.  EDC enables CRAs and Project Managers to actively manage the study remotely.  It provides the ability to identify sites were there may be issues with data completion, non-reported safety issues or deviations that should act as a trigger for monitoring visits or corrective and preventive action.

Argint has a number of partners providing EDC solutions to Argint as part of a full service solution to a client.  We have selected our partners as 'best in class' from the many providers we have worked with over the years.   We know that our partners are focused and excellent in delivering their specialist services.  We see them as the best solution available to our clients.

Medical Writing

Argint's DM/EDC/biostatistics partners also provide medical writing services.  We work with our partners in preparation of the draft and final clinical study reports, managing the overall timelines and ensuring the report and all appendices are fully QC'd prior to signature.



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